TULOMA Windows. Camera crystals, to sabe energy and to be confortable.

SELEC T range.

Energetic and sabe control for cold climates. 
Cold protection.
Lower lyer emission: tuis emtion anulaes the effect of cold effect, cold wall, in winter and hotwall in summerm without losing sunlight.



The cristal has got hight caracteristics.
Termic isolement ; reduces the lost of escalfor to outside. Sun protection.
Selective layer: is placed in the 2 side to outside with a
Layer level and little flexió that permits an isolatation of a termic and a little sun factor.


The light and elegance with the most effective eficacity.
Termic isolement:Reduces the lost of warm leaving outside. Sun potection.
Layer selectiva: Layer on the second front an isolated crystal with a high level of transparently, a little reflexió externa,allows us to isolate and have a high solar level.
Colour: The colour controls the temperature.

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